“Carmel and I have never engaged sexually” Rev Lucy Natasha tickles netizens,says they’re still waiting for the right time - hivipundetv.com

Reverend Lucy Natasha has made a revelation that has left many tongues wagging in the country.

Speaking to a local daily, the curvaceous reverend says that she has never engaged in any sexual act with her new man as they are still waiting for God’s time which according to her is the best.

“Most people think I started dating Carmel because of sex but that is not the case. It was just love at first sight and we have decided to keep it in our pants until the right time” Reverend Lucy Natasha said in a statement.


Kenyan women have ganged up against the preacher lecturing her to stop being hypocritical. “Danganya toto jinga.Tunajua hata leo mmefanya” said Leah Maradi through a Facebook post.


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