A group of women in Murang’a county fell prey to a fraudulent scheme devised by a racket using Deputy President William Ruto’s name.

The racket, three men and a woman, is said to have been crisscrossing the county asking villagers to register for a Christmas gift plan sponsored by the deputy president and his wife Rachel Ruto. The cons asked the villagers (all women) to register for the plan with KSh 630 as they await the “gifts” valued at KSh 10,000 per head.

However, the group of close to 1,500 women knew they had been swindled when they heard of the scheme being ill-talked over the radio. “I heard on the radio the warning about the scheme. We may have lost our money,” one of the women said. Police have launched their investigations as they pursue the masterminds behind the fraudulent scheme.


The Office of the Deputy President distanced itself from the scheme, calling on the members of the public to be wary of such.

Ruto’s communication director David Taalam confirmed that neither the deputy president nor his wife had organised such a program. “There is nothing like that. Those fraudsters should be reported to police,” said Talaam.


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