The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has urged Kenyans to steer clear of illegally generated police clearance certificates following a surge in forgery of the documents.

According to the DCI, the fake certificates are sent to individuals via email instead of being directly generated on the designated Ecitizen platform.

The DCI suspects that applicants who are unwilling to follow the due application process are working in cohorts with rogue persons to generate the fake documents.

“It is hereby advised that all Police Clearance Certificates are directly generated into the Ecitizen platform, and as such, any application generated through an individual’s email is outright forgery and not issued by the DCI,” the sleuths agency said in a statement.


The DCI similarly advised Kenyans to only apply for the clearance certificates on the designated Ecitizen platform.

Further, we advise all members of the public to submit their PCC applications through ecitizen, the platform where processed certificates are uploaded for their access. Warning! Anyone caught perpetrating this offence will be liable to prosecution,” the DCI said.


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