Dog Becomes Billionaire after Inheriting KSh 56 billion, Plans to 'Sell' House for KSh 3.5 billion -

The dog is estimated to be worth around $500 million (KSh 56 billion) and lives in a Miami mansion, Daily Star reports.

Ownership and inheritance

It should be noted that Gunther VI is the offspring of a lovely pet, Gunther III, that inherited a large fortune from its owner, German countess Karlotta Liebenstein, who died in 1992.

The great-grandfather of Gunther VI inherited the sum about 30 years ago when its committed owner willed it, Business Journals reports. How wealth is passed down For decades, a group of handlers has been guarding the fortune to ensure that only the Gunther bloodline enjoys the wealth in a life of great comfort.


Some of the wealth was used to buy a home that is now up for sale for $31.75 million (KSh 3.5 billion). It should be noted that the house is not the dog’s primary home as it has one in Italy. Ruthie and Ethan Assouline are supervising the dog’s real estate listing.


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