It is no doubt that popular figure Dominic Baraka will win big in the North Maragoli MCA seat come the August 9th polls, and this is attributed to his tireless efforts to sell his agenda in the ward,something his opponents have never done.

According to the latest polls by Trends and Insights Africa,Dominic Baraka is still ahead of his rivals.

This has seen Baraka’s camp gain more supporters. The MCA aspirant urged area residents to dismiss his opponents urging that they are nowhere to talk about real issues affecting North Maragoli ward.

Dominic Baraka will defend the MCA seat under the ANC party and he is sure he is going to emerge victorious in the August election. As a person who was born and raised in North Maragoli ward, Dominic Baraka believes he is the only MCA aspirant who understands issues affecting the locals.

Dominic Baraka is a name which became a household status due to his philanthropic deeds in North Maragoli.

During his launch, Dominic Baraka who has emmense support from majority of the youth and women promised to continue representing the interests of North Maragoli residents in the county assembly.

Among his agendas is to ensure the North Maragoli residents fully get lighting in a bid to curb insecurity issues in the region.

He also promised to promote education in the region in a bid to spread awareness in North Maragoli ward urging that an enlightened society will help foster development in the region and in the county at large.

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