'Don't Buy Into Fear!' DP Ruto Tells Allies Over Alleged Gov't Intimidation - hivipundetv.com

Deputy President William Ruto has urged his allies to stand firm amidst alleged threats and harassment from the government as the 2022 political contest heats up.

DP Ruto, speaking in Kitui, assured his allies of protection from the ‘Supreme authority of God’ who he said has been on their side throughout the adversity.

“Mungu tayari ameanza kudeal na wale watu walikuwa wanasema ati kanisa wanapokea pesa za ufisadi. Tayari Mungu ameshughulikia kiburi yao. Walikuwa wanasema tubadilishe sheria kuweka kiwango ya matoleo kanisani, si saa hizi wote wanakuja kanisani sasa?” he posed.

While citing a Bible verse, the DP said, “Don’t buy fear because fear is a sin. We are unapologetic about our faith because we know God. Nobody will look down upon God’s people again.”

The deputy president bashed his counterparts for what he termed as arrogantly chanting ‘nobody can stop reggae’ before being stopped dead in their tracks.

“Si walikua wanajigamba sana ati ‘nobody can stop reggae’, lakini Mungu alisimamisha reggae. Hakuna mtu alisimamisha reggae, ilikuwa imepita bunge, ikapita Senate, county assembly, imepita everywhere, lakini Mungu akaisimamisha,” he said.

DP Ruto claimed that the United Democratic Alliance (UDA) is presently composed of the highest number of elected Members of Parliament, further alleging that it is the only national party around at the moment.


He ridiculed what he termed as “smaller parties” run by his competitors for the top seat, urging them to fold them all up and form one major party in order to be on level field to compete with him.

“Kwanini hao wengine wasiunganishe hizo zao ndogo ndogo za wabunge kumi kumi ndio ikuwe chama ya kitaifa? Sisi tunajenga chama cha kitaifa chenye kitaunganisha Wakenya na chenye kitahudumia Wakenya. You cannot run an ethnic party and claim to be uniting the country,” he stated.

The DP also promoted his bottom-up economic model, stating that the key focus of his government if elected next year would be to implement the ‘Big Four’ that he said was hijacked by the opposition.

“We must have a plan and agenda, hatutaki tu kuunganisha Wakenya. Kuna mambo ilikuwa kwa Big 4 lakini reggae ikatuhangaisha. Niliambia rais ile yote hatukufanya tutaweka kwa bottom-up ndio tukamilishe,” he said.


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