Kapseret legislator, Oscar Sudi has ignited mixed reactions in the country moments after claiming he was sexually assaulted by Embakasi East Member of Parliament, Babu Owino on Tuesday night.

In a statement that is doing rounds on social media platforms, the controversial Sudi narrated how he met his counterpart at the Emory Hotel in Nairobi to discuss business before the unfortunate turn of events.


“He used some goons to drug me and before I knew it he was operating on my behind. Mwanaume kushikashika matako ya mwanaume mwingine halafu adanganyie ulevi inamaanisha nini?” Sudi posed.

Kenyans affiliated to the Azimio movement have thronged the comment section to criticise the Kapseret lawmaker urging him to stop soiling Babu Owino’s reputation because of politics.


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