Elders In Baringo Conduct A Cursing Ceremony To Curb Cattle Rustling - hivipundetv.com

Elders from Baringo county today held a traditional meeting to conduct a traditional  ‘cursing’  ceremony against cattle banditry cases in areas of Tugen,Pokot,illchamus and Marakwet.

The meeting that was at Katuit village in Tiaty-Baringo North border was to send a warning that anyone crossing the border with ill intentions will face death.

The male ceremony that was graced by milk, honey and meat was mainly attended by the youth from all the communities was to inaugurate new beginnings and  to  curse cattle theft in the area.


The elders say the cursing has born fruit over the years because the rustlers have surrendered stolen animals.

The communities have reportedly been engaging in cattle rustling and killing of human beings for close to 50 years.


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