Eric Omondi on why he cannot marry an orphaned girl -

Comedian Eric Omondi has again released another bombshell this time targeting girls who are orphans. The comedian who is full of controversies says that he cannot settle for an orphan as a wife.

Speaking to a local daily, comedian Eric Omondi explains that girls who do not have parents always think they will use men as their ladder to success, something that he has failed to understand.

“It is absurd to think that a man will come to your rescue when you are doing nothing to improve your life. These people are hard to deal with. If you try correcting them they will be quick to remind you how you are belittling them just because their parents are absent in life” comedian Eric Omondi stated.


Kenyans on social media have ganged up to criticise the comedian urging him to apologise to the women fraternity and orphans in the country.


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