Eric Omondi Turns Gun On Institution Of Marriage, Reveals Why He Might Never Marry -

Fresh from a combative battle against Kenyan entertainers, popular comedian Eric Omondi has now turned his gun on the institution of marriage.

The funnyman has recently filled the trend charts after he criticized local content creators, particularly musicians after he accused them of killing the respective industries.

Eric has in recent weeks taken on Sauti Sol’s lead vocalist Bien Aime with whom they have been accusing each other of riding on faded talents.

And in what may soon paint him as a pessimist, the self-proclaimed President of African comedy on Wednesday initiated the burial rituals for marriage as an institution.

While disclosing that he was scared of marriage, Eric explained that people around him are either getting separated or are already divorced.

The comedian who is turning 40 years old on March 9, 2022, insinuated that he might just end up celibate.

Even though Eric is highly on demand by the other gender, it is clear that marriage is not his priority and even after starting a reality show dubbed ‘ Wife Material’ it all turned out that he was only playing a mind game.


It is not the first time he has expressed his lack of taste for the institution. In August last year, the content creator told celebrated YouTuber Eve Mungai that he might only consider starting a family after the age of 65.

Marriage and relationship ina require a lot of energy, time and commitment. But ile kitu nafanya sahi, na need a lot of focus. Na sisemi ati wife atakutoa kwa focus… I just feel like marriage requires that you give a lot of energy and time. And saa izi siezi ku multi-task. All my attention needs to be on my career right now. Before 65 sioni nikioa…. I think marriage has failed.he said


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