Citizen TV’S Yvonne Okwara Matole did not go unnoticed during the launch of Royal Media Services’ Ramogi TV.

From all the staff who were present to grace the spectacular event yesterday, the fan, who was watching the event live, was keen to notice the television darling and rewarded her with a romantic Luo name.

Interestingly, the fan created the name from Yvonne’s name acronyms to come up the fantastic name.

“Yvonne Okwara Matole, YOM is her new name after the launch. Meaning, soft,” Jared Onyango wrote.

At the same time Citizen TV’s Monday Report anchor Trevor Ombija also stole the show with his eloquence in Luo language.

While moderating the launch of Ramogi TV, Trevor, who is also part of the team, demonstrated a rich mastery of Dholuo that impressed his fans, especially those who did not know he could speak the language.

RMS finally launches Ramogi TV
Ramogi TV journalists

“That eloquence has nailed it. My ovaries are twerking after listening to him,” Isabell Bockle wrote.

According to RMS, the TV station will be the best in politics, current affairs, business news, sports, health, and lifestyle.

“The content on Ramogi TV will cut across all socio-economic classes from ordinary Kenyans to leading political figures in the country. Leaders from Luo nation say it is a welcome addition to the country’s rich media landscape,” said RMS in a statement.

So far, RMS has three TV stations, Citizen TV, Inooro TV and now the newly born Ramogi TV and 11 radio stations, all owned by the business mogul, S.K Macharia.

The channel will be stationed at the RMS headquarters along Dennis Pritt Road, Nairobi.


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