World football governing body Fifa has ordered a World Cup playoff rematch between Egypt and Senegal.

This comes after Egyptian Football Association (EFA) lodged a successful appeal against Senegal saying its national team was subjected to racism and intimidation as it was preparing to play in the World Cup playoff on Tuesday.

As reported by, the EFA are planning to approach FIFA and request a rematch with the Senegalese side. The Egyptian side were unhappy with the treatment they received as their team bus was attacked by an angry mob and their players were racially abused by fans.
Players also had rocks and bottles thrown at them and had lasers shone in their faces during the penalty shootout. As reported by KickOff, EFA president Gamal Allam, confirmed that the Egyptians would be requesting a rematch.

Egypt failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup after losing to Senegal on Tuesday night.

On Tuesday night, the Pharaohs lost their place in the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to the Senegalese Lions of Teranga after a penalty shootout Tuesday (3-1) and a more than effervescent atmosphere in the stands.
In a statement on Tuesday, the EFA said its team “was subjected to racism after offensive banners appeared in the stadium stands directed at the players, specifically Mohamed Salah, the team captain.”


It added that fans terrorised the players by throwing bottles and stones at them during the game’s warm-up sessions.

“The Egyptian team’s buses were attacked, which resulted in their windows being broken and in injuries to some individuals,” the statement also read.

The association had also submitted the complaint to the Confederation of African Football.

In Egypt, we treated Senegal well and they were protected since the moment they arrived.
“When we arrived in Senegal, we were insulted at the airport and we received bad treatment from the workers there and when we arrived at the stadium, the bus driver didn’t enter directly, he kept driving around for us to see the fans cursing at us and insulting us,” Allam said.
Allam added that the match was played in a terrible atmosphere and they would be speaking with FIFA President, Gianni Infantino. He also noted that they had evidence of the lasers that were used, photos of the bus that was attacked, and the water bottles that were thrown at goalkeeper, Mohammed El Shenawy.



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