Machakos Governor Alfred Mutua now says he will only consent to share part of his property with Lilian Ng’ang’a if the latter will get his HIV status from positive back to negative as she found it.

Responding to claims that he has threatened Lilian Ng’ang’a Mutua has rubbished his ex-wife saying that she is using his name to clout chase.

“It does not make sense at all. I mean it is absurd for you to run around with my name to every media station just for clout. The last time I checked we were never legally married and if you insist on getting anything from me then get me back to HIV negative as you found me!” a dejected Alfred Mutua quipped.


Governor Mutua laments how Lilian turned his life to hell something he says he will never forgive her.

“A lot has been said and I will not shy away from dealing with the reality. It was the darkest period of my life living under the armpits of the treacherous Lilian” the Machakos Governor added.


2 thoughts on ““Get me back to HIV negative and get your property” Governor Mutua to Lilian Ng’ang’a”
  1. Pole Mutua. Yote yangaayo Dio dhahabu. Your co husband Juliani is also crying there that he chewed the fruits kabla ya kupima Na sasa Ako hatarini. Lilian should be jailed if he infects Juliani knowing well she was positive. For you it can’t be known who infected who. Am happy with my rugged faced wife. Hatuna Gari,tuko nyumba ya mabati but peaceful, and we care about our status. Pole lakini umeingia Meno wa crocodile, hautawahi toka. Alana buodha.

  2. I don’t know why we as ladies always play victim in everything that happens in a relationship, but nowdays some of us are taking advantage of men,whereby we enter in a relationship just because we want to get something in return forgetting these men have hearts too,,,people have normalised leaving marriage or even relationship because of a mere disagreement, ,,leaving is not always a solution when a disagreement arise and causing chaos in another person’s life through publicity,,,Lillian and Mutua ,forget the clout chasing and think on what went wrong, solve it without causing harm to each other

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