Gikomba Market on Fire -

The witnesses also told that the burnt stalls belonged to some 174 traders facing eviction by NMS.

The Monday fire breakout is now the fourth incident in a period of two months. The cause of the fire is still unknown.

A Nairobi court allowed NMS to evict traders from the open-air Gikomba market to pave way for the expansion of the neighboring Pumwani Majengo Health Centre.

Justice Oguttu Mboya noted that the traders right to earn a living must not hinder the NMS rights to expand and upgrade the health center into Level Three Hospital.

Mboya argued that the move would hinder the realization of the right to universal health.


The 174 traders operating at Gacucu section of the market had moved to court to stop NMS from interfering with their operations in the area pending hearing of their case.

“Whereas I affirm their rights to earn a living and livelihood, it must however be noted that the petitioner’s rights to do so are not absolute.

“In this regard, it suffices to observe that the right to earn a living and carry on business is one which is subject to the Limitation under Article 25 of the Constitution,” Mboya ruled.


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