Governor Nanok angry Narc leader links DP Ruto to ‘Mganga’ -

Turkana Governor Josephat Nanok over the weekend bitterly reacted to Governor Charity Ngilu, also Narc leader’s comments on Deputy President William Ruto’s photo of him donning a Turkana cultural attire, where she had said William Ruto will still be referring to other leaders as Mganga even after being part of the ceremony.

The Kitui governor, in her tweet, seemed to ridicule DP Ruto who was attending the famous cultural ceremony sponsored by the Turkana county government.

However, Governor Nanok did not take the Kitui county chief’s remarks kindly, asking her to respect the culture of other Kenyans, especially the people of Turkana as that was their only way to peace and reconciliation in the volatile county.


”Turkana environmental friendly homestead and hut used by women and children is one of our key material cultures. Do not disparage culture! It’s a pathway to our cohesion/peace and development,” Nanok wrote.


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