"Hapitishi raundi tatu kama wanaume wengine"Wife seeks to divorce MP Oscar Sudi over poor performance in bed - hivipundetv.com

Anne Sudi, the second wife to controversial Kapseret legislator, Oscar Sudi has approached a Nairobi court seeking to dissolve her marriage.

According to Anne, her husband, Oscar Sudi is not satisfying her in bed and it has reached a point she cannot take it anymore.

“His bad attitude towards me I can no longer tolerate; he beats me always whenever I remind him to add me another round and I have no peace of mind due to the way he treats me na hapitishi raundi tatu kama wanaume wengine.


“I had been warned by my mother not to marry him due to his bad character but I did not listen because I loved him.

“I pray the court to separate us so that I can start my life afresh since I am still young,” Anne Sudi told a court on Thursday.


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