The decision for Kenya Kwanza to support one candidate in Vihiga county woman representative has raised the political temperatures of county politics With possibilities that the Amani National Congress may win the seat unopposed. The current Woman representative Hon Adagala has been so vibrant in the National politics,hence , the above stands the highest chance of winning the seat.

She has spelt out her agenda to residents something her competitors have not done. She has promised to come up with laws that will better netizens life more as she has been doing before.

At the moment Adagala boasts of being the most prominent and strong candidate.

Having vied and won in 2017, she understands the area politics very well. She has an advantage as the majority of the youth and women insists that they must have a her back to seat.

Apart from having the support of voters, she also boasts for having an upper hand after getting the ticket unopposed.

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