“I am going to die” Bedridden Moses Kuria bids goodbye to Kenyans as medics report indicates he has 41 days to live - hivipundetv.com

Ailing Moses Kuria has stated that he received shocking news from his personal doctor, who revealed to him that he remains with only 41 days to live.

“According to the Gatundu South Member of Parliament, his doctor told him that his heart muscle is severely affected because its blood flow cannot be treated at the moment. In an emotional post seen by our media team, Moses Kuria announced that he might take his last breath anytime soon as the blockage of the arteries has become resistant to drugs.


He also revealed how he has been spending most of his time being attended to by doctors, who have since foreseen the worst to happen. He however called upon Kenyans to make the right decision concerning lifestyle to help in curbing some infections.

Recently, Moses Kuria was admitted after he sustained burn injuries while using a leg-warming blanket.

He revealed that he had been using the device gifted to him by a friend and followed the instructions given to him to the latter.

5 thoughts on ““I am going to die” Bedridden Moses Kuria bids goodbye to Kenyans as medics report indicates he has 41 days to live”
  1. To my brother Moses Kuria, it is not that i am fighting the doctors report of having 41 days to leave, but them do treat but Christ Jesus heals. Read Mark 11:22, Have faith in God. He is the problem solver and sickness is too impossible for him that he can not solve. I am praying for you and trust God for your healing.

  2. No one knows when he/she shall die. Mhesh, u shall be well and live to oldage in Jesus mighty name! Keep your faith of living.

  3. I think those who live outside the love of God always live in fear,only God can give life,doctors live guessing and killing people before they die,my friend Kuria don’t listen to those doctors,believe in the one who brought you in this world,I’m 1000% sure 41days will pass and you will not die in Jesus name

  4. There’s a time you really wished that Raila would die and you were even ready to shoot him. Repent your sins to God and believe that he alone has the power to snatch your life. God in his mercies will forgive and heal you.

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