"I can feel kicks in my womb already" Carrol Sonnie announces signs of another pregnancy shortly after breaking up with Mulamwah - hivipundetv.com

Carrol Sonnie on Sunday took on social media to reveal that she is pregnant again.

Sonnie said she is dealing with her pregnancy to ensure the unborn baby remains healthy. The revelation comes just a few days after breaking up with comedian Mulamwah whom they have a two old month daughter together.

Carrol Sonnie is extremely passionate about motherhood as she has announced that she is not ready to terminate the baby as pressurized by some people known to her.


“I can feel kicks in my womb already. Chenye kitazaliwa nitanyonyesha,alaaa!” Carrol Sonnie was quoted.

The unborn child will be Sonnie’s second child. She currently has a daughter. The daughter is alleged to be fathered by comedian Mulamwah, even though a source has rubbished the well-known fact.


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