"I got pregnant for Rashid Abdallah by accident" Yasmin Said now says - hivipundetv.com

Kenyans on social media have now confirmed their doubts moments after media personality Rashid Abdallah claimed responsibility for actress Yasmin Said pregnancy.

The trending news come after Rashid Abdallah refuted speculations that he was doing something with Yasmin Said behind the back of Kenyans.

In a statement, the news presenter urged Kenyans to leave Yasmin Said alone as she is an adult who can make her own decisions.

“Shit happens and I will not run away from the reality. Vile Waswahili husema kenye kitazaliwa tutanyonyesha

!” the Citizen  TV presenter quipped.

When asked to comment on the pregnancy rumors, actress Yasmin Said responded “Well,I got pregnant for Rashid Abdallah by accident. It is a story for another day”

A section of Kenyans has ganged up on social media to criticize Yasmin Said saying that she has betrayed the women fraternity by knowingly fooling around with a married man.


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