"I have slept with 811 men in my life,most happened to be toothpicks" Singer Akothee reveals - hivipundetv.com

Musician Akothe has left the internet in complete disbelief after she claimed that she has slept with 811 men in her life.

The controversial artist further added that majority of the men she has slept with are from Toothpick Owners Association, something she terms as a waste of sin.

“This is a fact and I have nothing to hide. I have slept with 811 men in my life but most happened to be toothpiks. Wale unakohoa kanachomoka!” Akothee stated.


Fans in the comment section, still, were amazed by Akothee’s numbers.

“So what?Any degree after opening legs for those men?You are a disgrace to motherhood!” read a comment from a fan.


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