‘I Regret Becoming Famous,’ Akothee Says Encounter With Rude Fan Almost Became Physical - hivipundetv.com

Kenyan singer and businesswoman Akothee now says she regrets becoming famous after a confrontation with a fan almost turned physical.

The Akothee Safaris founder, in a long rant on Instagram on Wednesday, called out an unnamed fan she said insisted on taking a selfie with her despite the fact that she had on neck support.

Akothee also revealed that she almost became physical with a fan she claimed was recording her while she was having private time with her family.

“I regret the day I became famous, this b—–t ain’t getting funny, Even with my neck support and funny face, some people would still insist on a selfie. Eeee, Is this really love ama ni kitu sijui?” She posed.

“I almost went physical with one who became very rude to my sister-in-law who caught her with a whole movie of me and my family shopping.”

The singer also complained about fans who record famous people and at the same time pretend they have not seen them.


“Someone tell me why some fans would meet you in a shop, not say hi or one word, pretend like they have not seen you then immediately take out their phones and start recording you and taking photos,” she wrote.

The ‘Hayakuhusu’ singer pleaded with her fans to give her time to recoup herself after having a rough start to the new year.

“Sometimes I am in pain and just pushing a little bit of life! Spare me the impromptu photos please! I know you love evidence! Ngojeni kidogo. The year started on a rough pitch (sic) for me! Hata nguvu ya kupiga sina mtanisamehe,” she stated.

The singer has had health complications from December last year and has been hospitalized five times since then.


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