“I will never forgive baba marehemu” Anne Waiguru on how she had to abort Uhuru Kenyatta’s pregnancy to protect family’s name - hivipundetv.com

Anne Waiguru has now come out to comment on the rumors of her affair with President Kenyatta in the past.

In a quite emotional statement, the Kirinyaga Governor recalls how she met President Kenyatta at a Hotel in Mombasa.One thing led to another and they ended up doing something together.

“Before I knew it I was pregnant and that is when hell broke loose. My champe on hearing the news never took it lightly as he ordered me to terminate the pregnancy for the sake of his family name” Waiguru tearfully recalls.


“Deep in me, I did not want to do what I did. I will never forgive baba marehemu for that” she added.

Waiguru adds she has never found peace with president Kenyatta as he used her like a tissue paper. “It pains me that I had to undergo such just to please a master. Ni uchungu sana” she stated.


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