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ODM leader Raila Odinga’s brother Oburu Oginga has narrated how he wrote a book to show the world that they are not Cerelac babies.

Speaking on Thursday during the launch of his book ‘In the shadow of my father’, Oburu said he was inspired by their way of life to write the story.

“I did not know that this book would have this much interest. I expected a lot of criticism and a lot of people to say it’s trash,” he said.

“What inspired me is because a lot of people think we grew up in a Cerelac manner.. I wanted to prove that we are not. For me and Raila, our father wanted us to grow up like any other person.”

Oburu said their classmates knew they were just like any other ordinary citizen.

“When we were growing up, we liked wearing akala and I wore them until I felt pain in my toes. We bore the pain. We had only one set of clothes,” he said.


Oburu said when he and Raila returned from school, “We would walk naked in the village like any other person while playing. There were no clothes. And we used to play and compete in games.”

Oburu said Raila used to be very good at the hop step part of the children’s game, but failed when it came to jumping.

“I beat him in jumping.. he was also good in football,” he said.

Oburu narrated how Raila used to put pepper in food so that he and his friends would not eat.

“Raila used to cook nice food but he used to put pili pili so that when we ate, the pili pili would be too much… so we used to tell him to cook ugali… he used to be naughty,” he said.

“Raila is simple and straightforward.. others talk a lot.. Raila talks from his heart.”


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