Hon John Makenzie who is at the top as now enjoys the much expected support of most voters who had been before affiliated to the ideals of his opponents which is clearly an added advantage in his quest for the North Maragoli Ward race.

In a vigorous door to door, face to face campaign strategy, Hon Makenzie has as at now netted an immense support from women and youth groups backing his bid as at now hence boosting the support in the area.

He has also continued in reassuring the North Maragoli locals that his upcoming administration will hence tirelessly work to impact the livelihood of the women and young girls and also the downtrodden in in North Maragoli Ward.

In his campaigns ,the vocal known politician says he will continue standing strong with elders, women and youths by educating them on their rights as he believes in good leadership that includes,the effective utilisation of the Ward funds that always seek to lift the lives of the downtrodden in the area.

The aspirant who is a champion of monitoring and also evaluating the use of public resources allocated to citizens in the Ward says he will be supporting small businesses that will generate wealth hence empowering the peoples lives.

The North Maragoli Ward Password will definitely be likely be Hon Makenzie

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