Kampala Metropolitan Police Deputy Spokesperson Luke Owoyesigyire said officers detained the suspect and launched investigations into his claims even though police say he did not mention any names in the audio clip.


The driver is attached to a judge at Mbale High Court.

Reports indicate that Kisambira in the audio complained of receiving a low pay of Ksh.200,000 (about Ksh.7,000) since he was hired back in 2008.


Following the incident, the Ugandan Judiciary released a statement stating that the driver’s concerns were being addressed.

Judiciary Spokesperson Jamson Karemani stated that the monthly salary for a driver is Ush.1 million (about Ksh.37,000) paid quarterly with the exclusion of duty-facilitating allowances and operational funds.

“While the approved salary for drivers may be inadequate, the Judiciary leadership resolved that the allowances for all non-judicial staff (including drivers) in the institution be enhanced in line with CSI No.6 of 2018 on duty facilitating allowance,” said Karemani.

“This was an intervention to facilitate the lower cadre of staff, specifically non-judicial staff whose salaries have not been enhanced. As a result of the above intervention, each driver is paid a reasonable consolidated monthly allowance paid out on a quarterly basis. Added together with the salary, the total monthly payment for a driver is over Ush.1 million.”

The audio caused a buzz across social media platforms with some section of online users saying the incident had helped highlight the plight of drivers in the judiciary.


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