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One of the convicts reportedly admitted that they bribed wardens at the highly guarded jail to help them flee. This is according to a statement by Vetelo Komu, a police reservist who cornered the convicts at Makuluyuni village in Kitui with the help of local residents.

“However, another said we were very lucky to have caught them. He said if they had mobile phones they would have called some individuals to compromise us with money. He told us that if they manage to escape from Kamiti then who do we think we are?” the officer recalled as quoted by The Standard.

Before the trio was nabbed, they had been hiding during the day and trekking under the cover of darkness to avoid falling into the police dragnet. Members of the public who became suspicious alerted security agents after spotting the escapee convicts in Malalani market on Thursday, November 18.

Bought milk and bottled water

While at the market, the frail-looking Odhiambo and his two accomplices opted to buy milk, bottled water, and biscuits from a local shop before they could embark on their long journey.

Police highly suspected they were heading to Boni forest in Lamu county on Kenya and Somalia border. The police said residents reported seeing three strangers who were asking for directions connecting to Garissa and Boni Forest. The three terror suspects escaped from the prison on Monday, November 15, at 1am. They would be charged afresh after they were flown back to the maximum-security prison. KSh 60m reward Earlier, Kenyans on social media vouched for a daring Kitui man who took selfies with the three Kamiti terror convicts who were on the run.


On Twitter, many shared Paul Mwaniki’s picture after he took a selfie with the convicts. They said he should be the winner of the hefty reward because he even had the evidence.

Mwaniki narrated that he and his village men were not scared of cornering them. “They walked in a zig-zag pattern. They went to one side of the road and after walking and entering a forest, they came back and then crossed to the other side. They were very careful so as not to get lost,” he said, adding they even entered a forest but came back after realising it was too thick.


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