"Kazi ilikuwa raundi moja,kucheka na kuniuliza naskiaje" Lilian Ng'ang'a on why she called it a quit on Mutua to find solace in a Luo man - hivipundetv.com

Lilian Ng’ang’a has now rubbished claims by Governor Mutua that his bedroom prowess is above par.In an earlier chest thumping statement,Governor Mutua said he has never understood why he was dumped for musician Juliani. Lilian Ng’ang’a insists that she initiated the separation after discovering her ex didn’t have the bedroom ability to satisfy her sexual desires.

In an explanation that was recorded by Hivipunde TV, Lilian Ng’ang’a reviews the day he unintentionally fell in love with the Machakos County boss.

“He assured me Anaweza. I was hesitant in the first place but I ended up getting bored as time went by” she narrated.


Lilian Ng’ang’a has not shyed to talk about Governor Mutua’s bedroom incompetence alluding to him as Mr raundi moja.

“Huyo mtu alikuwa bure kabisa. Kazi ilikuwa raundi moja,kucheka na kuniuliza nasikia aje.It really irritated  me!” Lilian Ng’ang’a delivered the winning shot to one of our reporters.

Lilian showers Juliani with praises referring to him as a GOAT in handling women. “I had to find solace from the Lakeside” she quipped.


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