Kenyan Musicians Who Are Long Departed But Whose Music Still Resonates With Audiences To Date -

Hundreds of musicians have graced the Kenyan entertainment scene, right from the dawn of time.

Hundreds are remembered for their ageless talent, with their music continuing to bang on, year after year.

E-sir, Kaberere, Angela Chibalonza are just some of the names on the tip of the iceberg that is Kenyan music.

To date, songs such as ‘Boomba Train’ and ‘uliniumba nikuabudu’ continue to resonate with Kenyan audiences regardless of age.

Here is a list of stars, now departed, but whose music lives on.


It is without a doubt, E-Sir still remains the most celebrated musician in Kenya and his music still lives on.

He is best remembered for hits such as: ‘Boomba Train’ ‘Moss moss’ Hamunitishi, ‘Leo ni leo’ ‘Si usare’, and many more that still hit many Kenyan households, clubs, and radios.

2021 marks eighteen years since the untimely death of Issah Mmari Wangui through a road accident.

Angela Chibalonza

Chibalonza was born and raised in Congo in the early years of her life up to when she attended high school.

She later moved to Kenya to pursue a gospel music career.

Chibalonza was known for gospel hits such as ‘Inabidi Niseme’, ‘Uliniumba nikuabudu’, and ‘Ebenezar’

The gospel artist died in a tragic road accident sometime in 2007.


Kaberere was a gospel artist known for hit songs such as: ‘Mwanake’ featuring Benachi and ‘Natamani’ featuring Eunice Njeri.

Kaberere’s death, in 2014, surprised many.

Lady S

Sharon Wangwe, popularly known as Lady S is best remembered for her song ‘Ukimwona’ featuring Pilipili.

Lady S was already at the top as one of the best femcees in Kenya before her untimely death sometime in 2007.



Born as Carlton Williams Bongo Juma, K-Rupt is still remembered for his hit song ‘Tukawake’.

K-rupt died after a carjacking incident where he was shot dead in 2003.

K-Rupt and E-sir’s deaths were just a few months apart.

Chris Kantai

Kenyan rapper Kantai is considered one of the pioneer rappers in the Kenyan music industry.

The rapper who died in 2019 under unclear circumstances, is remembered for hit songs such as ‘Ting badi malo’ featuring Khaligraph jones and ‘Happy’ featuring STL.

Mighty King Kong

Paul Otieno Imbaya, known by his stage name Mighty King Kong, was a Kenyan reggae artist.

King Kong was known for his songs ‘Cinderella mama’ and ‘Ladies Choice’.

Mighty King Kong’s cause of death was largely unclear, however, it was widely reported that he died in 2007 of poisoning.

Wiki Mosh

Wiki Mosh is remembered for his hit song ‘Atoti’ which featured Maji Maji.

Mosh died in 2003, after being hit by a bus in Nairobi upon returning from a music ceremony.

Eulogizing the rapper, Maji Maji said “He was one of the best rappers we had and I am sure if he was alive today, many musicians would be speaking a different language.”


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