Kenyans React to Relationship Expert Benjamin Zulu’s Advice on Why You Should Never Marry Divorcees -

Relationship coach Benjamin Zulu has advised women not to marry divorcees when they feel they need to settle down.

The psychologist was highlighting how women still suffer under cultural demands that require them to marry men who fathered their children even when they are incompatible.

Zulu further stated that marriage and divorce changes a person and where they are in life, which is contrary to other single people who did not get married,

Statistically, for men, second marriages fail at a much higher rate than first marriages. The reason is simple, and it’s critical every woman contemplate it before marrying a divorced man.

Many men fail to learn the lessons from their failed marriages and consequently never heal their wounds.

Boomer women might consider not wasting time and energy in doomed relationships with men who are just going through the motions.

However, men encouraged each other to talk about their divorce issues until they were able to clearly see their roles in their failed marriages.


Zulus stated the following reasons why Young Women should Stop Marrying Divorcees

  • He reckoned that younger women need to understand that they are going to a person who is not starting but is repairing, especially if they have not gone through therapy and healed well.
  • A man who is enlightened and has a balanced life will not go for younger girls with very huge age gaps because of generational differences.
  • This person’s priorities at this point are not to start building. Most likely they have been through something for a number of years. That experience might have made them traumatized.
  • You can marry who you want. We are in a free society, but you don’t take that freedom too far.

Benjamin In his Tv show termed all these as Risking going to someone whose departments are closing down

Here are also some of the reactions from the video


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