Key Witness Says Suspects Threw Party After Killing Lawyer Willy Kimani -

The fifth accused person in the Willy Kimani murder trial was on Friday cross-examined by the prosecution after making a fresh confession that missed details he had in his initial confession.

Peter Ngugi told the court that after dumping Willy Kimani, his driver and taxi driver’s bodies at Oldonyo Sabuk, they embarked on a drinking spree at Fredrick Leliman’s bar in Mlolongo. Leliman is the first accused.

Challenged to give details of how the murders were conducted like he earlier did, Ngugi claimed his earlier statement was made under duress.

Ngugi, who on Thursday claimed he was just used as a driver, left out details on how the murder happened.

In his initial confession, he shocked the court when he detailed how each of the three victims were strangled.

“These accounts are different and you might be making them up,” the judge presiding over the case told Ngugi on Friday.

“If you think I am making this up, you can go ahead and deal with me accordingly,” Ngugi responded.

Ngugi insisted that he only drove the vehicle to Oldonyo Sabuk where the bodies of Willy Kimani, his client Josephat Mwenda and taxi driver Joseph Muiruri were dumped before him and his team came back to Mlolongo.

They went to the first accused person Fredrick Leliman’s bar for drinks.

“We found two women who were the bartenders. I was told one of them was Leliman’s wife. She was here in court recently,” he said.


Leliman’s wife Philomena Muthama who testified on Tuesday, however said that on the material day, together with her husband, they closed the bar at 8pm and went home where they watched the 9 pm news and never left the house.

Her testimony now conflicting with Ngugi’s who placed the two at the bar at midnight.

Ngugi said that it was Leliman who gave them fuel money and later paid him for his driver duties.

“He told me to go to the car where he gave me Ksh.3,000 saying that I shouldn’t work for free,” Ngugi told the court.

Asked why he abandoned his earlier confession that detailed how one by one the victims were gotten out of the vehicle and strangled, Ngugi claimed that his initial confession was done under duress, further claiming his life was in danger.

The trial will continue on Monday where Leliman’s lawyer Cliff Ombeta will cross-examine Ngugi.

Former police officers Fredrick Leliman, Leonard Mwangi, Silvia Wanjiku, Stephen Chebulet and Peter Ngugi stand accused in the murder case.


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