"Kitu ya Mulamwah imenipanua nobody will want to marry me" Sonnie cries for justice - hivipundetv.com

Comedian Mulamwah and actress Carol Muthoni, popularly known to her fans as Carrol Sonie, have both confirmed they are no longer an item.

Setting the record straight during an interview with a local daily, Sonie stated that Mulamwah dumped her and admitted to being in the wrong.

Ni yeye (Mulamwah) ndio aliniacha… kukosea nilikosea but we move,” said Sonie before the interviewer prompted her to speak about what she did that led to the split.

Hamna, ni makosa tu ya kawaida,” continued Sonie when asked if she cheated or flirted with someone else.


Sonnie says she is just worried of ever finding a husband again as Mulamwah really messed up with her thing.

“All I can say for now is kitu ya Mulamwah ilipanua sana nobody will want to marry me. I just demand justice from him” Sonnie told a local daily.

Sonie, who welcomed a baby girl with Mulamwah barely three months ago, said she asked for forgiveness, but the comedian insisted he couldn’t continue the relationship.


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