DJ Evolve has reacted after the court cleared Babu Owino off all attempted murder charges following an agreement on an out of court settlement.

In a statement shared by Mpasho, DJ Evolve asserted that they have reconciled and he wants to concentrate on his recovery now.

DJ Evolve first went to court in October 2020 seeking the withdrawal of the attempted murder case against Babu Owino. At the time, he told the court that his family had reached a mutual agreement to concentrate on his recovery instead of following up the case.

The DPP said that they needed some time to access the mental state of DJ Evolve before agreeing to withdraw.


In March 2021, Justice Ochoi declined to withdraw the case and told Babu Owino to state what he had offered the family of DJ Evolve.
He also said that it had not yet been made clear before court whether Babu ad made the necessary compensation.

Babu Owino says that he has already deposited 100 million into DJ Evolves bank account.

Aside from that, DJ Evolve’s caretaker earns 100,000 Kenyan shillings per month.

Babu also said that he is planning to build a 5 bedroom mansion for DJ Evolve and another one for his family.

We wish Evolve a quick recovery.


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