Machakos: Mother Protests After Defiled Daughter Is Sent Away From School -

A 45-year-old widow has protested what she termed as discrimination after her defiled daughter was sent away from a public school in Machakos County a month ago.

Janet Kyau claimed that her 13-year-old daughter was sent away by Mutituni Primary School administration on November 17 after she was reportedly defiled by her uncle.

The minor was allegedly defiled on September 24 but the suspect, who was arrested on October 13, was later released on a Ksh.50,000 cash bail.

Kyau said the man later gave her daughter a Ksh.10 coin warning her to stay silent about the incident or else she faces dire consequences.

She said the second last born child out of six was traumatized after she was forced to stay at home by the school head teacher, Catherine Kionge, despite the fact that the case was ongoing at the Machakos High Court. 

“My daughter was paid Ksh.10 after being defiled by a person well known to her at his phone’s repair shop at Mutituni shopping center approximately two kilometers from Mutituni Primary School where she studies,” Kyau said.

Kyau said the suspect and his family had attempted to approach them to withdraw the case for an out-of-court settlement.

She however reportedly declined, leading to lots of threats and intimidation of the minor by the suspect and his immediate family members including children.

The widow blamed the head teacher for sending her daughter out of school stating that the minor should not be stigmatized and discriminated against and her right to education infringed.

“One of the suspect’s brothers approached my mother telling her that we should withdraw the case from court for out-of-court settlement but we refused,” Kyau said.

“On November 16, my daughter told me that her class teacher had instructed her to inform me to accompany her to school the following day. When I went to school together with her on November 17, the class teacher told me to wait for the school head. When the head teacher, Kionge, arrived, she held a meeting at her office with the class teacher then called me in only to tell me that she couldn’t talk to me without my daughter’s grandmother.” 


She added: “I called a neighbor who alerted the grandmother to join me in the school. When she arrived, Kionge said I take my daughter home.​ The child has since then been at home.”

Kionge, the head teacher, said she acted on orders given by Machakos sub-county Director of Education Simon Mutemi.

“I have already handed the case to my seniors. I was advised to send the child away. Mr. Mutemi will do the rest. The child can’t learn, we can’t keep her in school while she is stressed up,” she said.

Mutemi, on his part, said he was aware of the minor’s plight after he was informed by Kionge last Wednesday.

“I knew that issue on Wednesday, that’s the first time I was informed about it. I however, got to learn the issue took place many months ago. So, my first concern was where the child was,” he said.

He added that his office had launched investigations into claims of the child being sent away from school by the head teacher.

“Our instruction is that, let the parent put it in writing that her child has been at home since that time so that we institute investigations. We have already started the process of investigations on why the child was at home,” he said.

Mutemi said those found capable will be held responsible. Menwhile, the suspect is out while mention of the case has been slated for February 17, 2022.


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