Churchill show comedienne Tr Wanjiku has confirmed that she is in a romantic relationship with celebrity lesbian and bold network Africa founder Makena Njeri.

In an interview with Africa Daily, Tr Wanjiku said that she has been in love with Makena Njeri for over 3 years.

Tr Wanjiku who is married with one kid added that her husband’s infidelity pushed her into the relationship and revenging against her husband has been the sweetest thing ever since Makena Njeri always treats her like a queen and buys expensive gifts for her on all birthdays.


Tr Wanjiku further revealed that she is the married woman who was mentioned by Makena Njeri’s lover Mitchelle Ntalami in her open letter.

Asked whether she has any regrets for being behind the breakup between Mitchelle and Makena, Tr Wanjiku said that it was her pleasure since she can now enjoy Makena’s love without any interruptions.

Tr Wanjiku concluded by firmly stating that the love between her and Makena will last forever and none can break them apart.



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