"Masponyo Hawatoi Pesa za Kutosha" 3 Sisters in Viral Photo Speak - hivipundetv.com

Three sisters in the viral photo with their struggling mother have finally spoken.
The three sisters looked drunk and rich. Many people judged them for living a good life in Nairobi while their mother is struggling but in real life, the trio are surviving hand to mouth in Nairobi by dating married men (sponsors).
In a candid interview with a Hivi punde news journalist, the sisters that their mother still lives in a mud house because their sponsors in Nairobi do not give them enough money.
One of them said that she is dating a 90-year-old man who online gives her 1,000 Kenyan shillings per day.
The other two said they date different married men who only pay their rent and buy monthly shopping.
The trio hope to find richer men who will fund them so that they can get enough money to build.
“Sponyo wangu ni mbwakni. Ananipeanga 1k pekee per day. Hizo ni za kukula, kuvaa vizuri na kununua bangi. Natafuta sponsor legit nijengee mamangu” One of the sisters said.


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