"Matako tu" Petrol Station Attebdant Speaks After Being Fired For Pouring Fuel While Looking at Big Ass - hivipundetv.com

A petrol station attendant has spoken after losing his job for pouring down fuel while looking at a big bootied woman.
The attendant only identified as Mwangi said that he has not had sex for one year and he couldn’t resist looking at the woman passing with such a huge ass.
After getting fired, he tried defending himself at the manager’s office but it was too late since the manager could hear non of his pleas.
The manager however gave him hope that he might be called back to work after a one month suspension and paying back the fuel worth 1,000 Kenyan shillings that was lost on the fateful day.
“Nilijaribu kuongea na manager lakini hakuskia. He told me that he might call me back after one month and when I go back, I must pay back all the fuel that was lost that day” Said Mwangi in a phone conversation with Hivi punde news.


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