Vihiga constituency Mp aspirant,Ken Vitisia,popularly known as Umusedi has assured teachers, parents and school going children in his area that his administration will be in the forefront to champion for a better education society once elected into office.


The incoming legislator said he will work closely with the Ministry of Education to ensure that the schools are fully equipped with all the facilities so as they can offer quality education to the children in the area.

Ken Vitisia was responding to the public outcry by parents that their children no longer get awarded bursaries due to the  mismanagement of funds by the current administration in the constituency.


“I am dedicated to investing in education in Vihiga constituency as it is the only weapon to deliver the residents from the state of poverty they have been in for ages,” read a statement from the office of Ken Vitisia.



According to  head teachers, bright but needy students have been affected by the nepotism in the disbursement of bursaries by the current administration.

Umusedi has pledged to correct the mess once in office by awarding reasonable bursaries on time to foster education in the region. In addition, the MP aspirant who is flying the ODM ticket under the Azimio La Umoja has further through his manifesto promised to introduce The Umusedi Fund to help boost those with fee problems.

It is undoubtedly clear Umusedi has a robust support for his MP bid as majority of the youth and women groups endorsed  him after he clinched the ODM ticket.


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