One Rohan Muller has left many tongues wagging moments after claiming that he has had affairs with almost all single mothers in the city of Nairobi.


According to the 38 year old,he has been a ladies’ man all his life and has bedded all the single mothers in Kenya’s capital city.

Rohan Muller

He explains that he has been sleeping with  5 single mothers in a week since he started engaging in sex at age 19


He says he met many of the women on social media platforms. “I assured them a shoulder to lean on after being heartbroken by their lover’s and boooooom,legs wide opened!” Rohan Muller spoke to a local reporter.

“All I can say is the other gender can mislead you into never realizing your dreams. I have played with the babies they got from other men and this made me forget about my own kids,” he said.

Rohan Muller was given the name ‘Jogoo’ by colleagues who used to see him with different girls.


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