Mom Who Learned of Her HIV Positive Status at Prenatal Clinic Says She's Inspired to Help Fellow Young Moms -

Khamuye Kolomani Nancy discovered she was HIV positive when she was expecting her fifth child.

The mom of six recently delivered a bouncing baby girl on November 12. She also ensured that her little girl maintained her HIV negative status despite being born to an HIV positive mother. Nancy spoke to a daily about her pregnancy journey and her steps to keep her newborn baby healthy.

Maintaining HIV negative babies She urged mothers who have already tested positive for the disease to ensure e that the baby takes medicine as instructed by the doctors to help her maintain HIV negative status.

“When baby is born negative from a positive mother, make sure the baby takes her meds effectively for as long as you breastfeed her so that she or he remains negative,” she said.

Nancy started a project to help fellow women erase the fear of becoming parents because of their HIV status. “I learned that most women living with HIV are afraid of getting pregnant because they don’t know how to go about it. My intention is to let them know that being HIV positive doesn’t limit any woman from being a mother, they can get Hiv negative babies and live like other negative kids. I want women living with Hiv to know that it is not a crime to have a baby when you are HIV positive,” she said.


Keeping newborn babies HIV negative

The mom, who is also a pastor, said that she intends to reach out to all women n young gals in Kenya who may find themselves infected with HIV so that they don’t give birth to HIV positive babies but healthy babies.

She added that parenting while HIV positive is just as fun as any other parenting because babies are just all adorable, whether Hiv positive or not. Keeping infection rates at minimum For Nancy educating moms on lowering infection rates to kids while giving birth and breastfeeding is her core passion. She achieves this through her online platform named Eva. Nancy Khamuye Kolomani_Don’t Bury Me Alive and her Youtube channel Talk With Evangelist Nancy Kolomani. “I also get many people calling me with questions to find out how to go about parenting while living positively. My number is 0723442439,” she said.



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