Simba Arati, Dagoretti North MP, has announced that his ally Richard Onyonka, Kitutu Chache South MP, was allegedly poisoned in a meeting held on Friday, Kisii county.

Arati said they were at a meeting in Kiamukama Ward in Kisii County when an unidentified person passed a bottle of water to MP Onyonka that was suspected of being laced with a poisonous substance.

Arati Onyonka barely swallowed the water after ‘he felt the taste was different and immediately spat it out’.

“However his body reacted immediately and he started vomiting with blood oozing from his mouth,” said MP Arati.


“We quickly rushed him to Oasis Hospital where upon examination the doctors at the hospital noted that the contents honorable Onyonka ingested from the bottle were not swallowed. However an examination of his mouth showed an erosion of his mouth lining,” he added.

Arati has announced that he is temporarily suspending his Kisii governor campaign while doctors confirm the type of chemical injected in the bottle.


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