"Mtafute wenu!" Kilobi warns Kenyan women to stop salivating his husband Atwoli - hivipundetv.com

Mary Kilobi has now raised an alarm warning Kenyan women who are drooling for his COTU boss husband Francis Atwoli.

In a statement, the TV girl says she is not comfortable when women try to wink at her husband whenever she has accompanied him.

“To be a woman requires courage. Just because I am Kilobi does not mean I will stop protecting what is rightfully mine. Mtafute wenu alaaa!” Mary Kilobi hilariously stated.

When asked by a snoopy Hivipunde TV reporter whether his husband winks back at the seductive women or not, the media personality responded “Obviously no. The Chemistry between us cannot allow him to entertain such home wreckers. Frank will whisper to me to assume hao washenzi”


Kenyan women on social media platforms who have not taken Mary Kilobi’s allegations lightly have ganged up to criticize her.

“Umekosa kazi ama?Nani anataka alaaa alaaa awe wake?” posed a Facebook user identified as Mukami Wa Njeri.


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