“There is a huge pushback by citizens against any attempts to choreograph the next dispensation.

We want to make our choices without being chaperoned, blackmailed or intimidated,” said the great incoming komarock ward MCA Chris Mtumishi.”We didn’t have to carry the hustlers from Uganda because they are already plenty in the Nairobi county”.

Team Mtumishi,did a compulsory road tour surporting the UDA regime across Nairobi TEAM Mejjadonk urged the Embakasi central citizens and Kenya’s traditional friends to sustain their longstanding support to Kenya’s democratisation and the conduct of a free, fair and credible election,”Equal distribution of bursaries to all kenyans in Komarock Ward.
Pwds to be included.

Ecds centers to be Introduced in Komarock Ward.

MTUMISHI will ensure grabbed public lands will be recovered/reclaimed back.
To build a healthy facility to support Mama Lucy Kibaki hospital.

The other one to build a Komarock social .
Don’t forget we need security in Komarock Ward to advanced building a police post in Komarock Ward.
It has never happened since indipendent.
All feeder roads to be recarpeted in Komarock Ward.

A working chemistry with the county government and National government to smoothly develop Komarock Ward

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