"Mulamwah kazi ilikuwa round moja na kunyamba Kenya Kane" Sonnie on why she called it a quit - hivipundetv.com

Minutes after comedian Mulamwah posted his new bae on social media, Sonie has hit back to rubbish the bedroom prowess of the funny man describing it as close to zero.

Sonnie recalls how they used to hustle just for one round anytime they planned to share some good time together.

“Mimi nilikuwa napenda Mulamwah sana lakini madharau amenifanyia ni mbaya sana sitawahi msameha maishani na kama ameamua ni mbaya wacha ikue mbaya. Huyo mtu hata kazi ilikuwa round moja na kunyamba Kenya Kane” a dejected Sonnie said.

Some netizens believe this is one of the publicity stunts by the lovebirds to gain the public’s attention and seek relevance.
One social media user called Edgar said: “Carol Sonnie and Mulamwah have broken up for the second time in two years. The last time they broke up Mulamwah got Carol Pregnant, I don’t understand what’s up this time round, but the bottom line is they are clout chasers!”
Felix Agola said: “Mulamwa and Sonie have decide to join Diana Marua and Bahati in the clout chasing couples career.”
Ephantus: “Mulamwah and Carol Sonie are just chasing clout. Something dropping soon. Either comedy shows or songs.

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