Muranga Woman Rep says she is no longer afraid of associating with Raila -

Muranga Woman Representative Sabina Chege says she is no longer afraid of being associated with Raila Odinga, who had previously been intensely demonized by leaders from Central Kenya from 2007.

The Woman Rep who is also a staunch ally of President Uhuru Kenyatta is telling the region her perception about the former prime minister changed after closely interacting with the ODM supremo, whom she describes as very polite and a family man.

“I am no longer afraid of being associated with Raila, he is a leader like any other. Initially, we were told that Raila isn’t human. We were all afraid of him but we have had access to him. He is polite, a very good family man and very considerate. It is good to give him a chance,” she said.

The legislator also exuded confidence the populous Mt Kenya which for years has been radicalized to vote against Mr. Odinga will eventually embrace Raila Odinga and thrust him to the presidency.


“He did a good thing by going through the elders who gave him the leeway to come to the people in the region. We have had mudslinging and name-calling politics painting him in a very bad light to the people, making them to reject him because they have been told many things about him to an extent you would think he is not human,” she added.

Ms. Chege also explained Raila’s declaration to vie for the presidency marks the beginning of a dialogue between him and Mt Kenya people residents.

“At least we now have a conversation whether we can support Raila or not and this is not something we could not have done,” she added.

Chege said she shall be on the lead to drum up support for Raila and help people shed off the fear they have for him.


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