Mwingi Bus Driver Was Unfamiliar with the Road, Kitui Deputy Governor Nzau -

Kitui deputy governor Wathe Nzau has said the Mwingi accident that claimed the lives of at least 18 people could have avoided.

Nzau said the driver of the ill-fated bus ferrying the passengers was unfamiliar with the route, and attempted to steer the vehicle on an overtopped bridge. The bridge was in a dipilidated state He observed that the bridge had a rugged part.

The bridge was in a dilapidated state

He observed that the bridge had a rugged part.

The Standard reported that it is at this broken part that the bus lost control, and plunged into River Enziu, killing 18 on the spot. The bus, which had at least 30 members of Mwingi Catholic Church, was heading towards Nuu from Mwingi Town. “There is a part on the bridge that has an irregular edge. If you look at the video circulating on social media, you will see the vehicle tilting over on the left side of the bridge near the abutment that connects the bridge to the land on Nuu side,” the deputy governor said.


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