Throngs of Vihiga residents from Emuhaya and Hamisi have finally voiced their unwavering support for Gubernatorial aspirant Hon Alfred Masadia Agoi who is flying Mudavadi’s ANC flag in the August 9th election.

Hon Alfred Agoi

In a statement, the Sabatia legislator said that he has plans to resurrect the dwindling county’s economy,work on providing clean water to all the four constituencies, improve road network to avoid any traffic menace, better health services, allocate more funds to the wards in a bid to realize devolution among other challenges.

The Gubernatorial aspirant promised to have an inclusive government that will see the people of Sabatia,Vihiga,Emuhaya and Hamisi benefit.

Over the week, youths and  women  groups from Emuhaya and Hamisi constituencies faulted the current Vihiga Governor for propagating corruption thus failing to deliver development in the county. According to sources, the currrent regime has wasted tons of county funds on accommodation and flashy lifestyles in other counties like Kisumu.

“It sounds absurd! Why is the Governor and his army plundering county money just to waste it in other cities why our own remain poor?Channel this money to the education of our needy and  bright students!” an agitated Texas Imbwaya addressed a group of youths.

Responding  to the issue,Hon Alfred Agoi promised to put an end to the corrupt activities once elected into power, ensure a big percent of county resources circulate in Vihiga to help realize speedy development.

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