"Nachekwa kukaa na kilema" DJ Evolve's wife files for divorce - hivipundetv.com

DJ EVOLVE’s wife Priscilla Chenyu has called it quit from her marriage leaving her bed-ridden husband with a lot of stress.

Priscilla claims that she is tired of poverty and being a laughing stock amongst her female friends who humiliate her ever since her husband was shot.

She also argues that she is still young to endure such hardship and mockery from her female friends. Hence, she has filed for divorce.

“I will obviously be judged but nobody knows my story. I am sick and tired of this hullaballoo and I am not going to take it anymore. Mimi bado mdogo” Priscila Kweyu spoke to Hivipunde TV.


A section of Kenyans has lectured Priscila urging her to stay with her husband for better for worse. “Be humane enough. That is your man and God will reward you if you stay” a Facebook user identified as Mwene Nthambi wrote.


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