"Ni Malaya Nitamuacha" Felista Declares as Mzungu Sends Millions to Another Lady - hivipundetv.com

Felista Njoroge has reacted after news that her Mzungu billionaire boyfriend also sent millions of cash to her close friend by the name Wanjiku Kago.

In a candid interview with Hivi punde Tv, Felista confessed that she was shocked after the news and wondered why her mzungu was giving money to another woman.

She called her close friend to ask why her boyfriend sent her the money and the close friend confessed that she had been sleeping with the Mzungu too.

Felista said that she never imagined at any point Merc would ever cheat on her. She is now planning to leave him because she respects herself and can’t handle the risk of living with a man who has multiple girlfriends.


“Huyu Mzungu ni malaya sana ata nataka nimuache bank ikiachilia pesa zangu. After the news, I called my friend kumuuliza kwa Nini alipewa pesa na bae akaconfess she is also sleeping with him” Said Felista while fighting back tears.



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