Second born daughter Rue baby has confirmed that she slept with an 80-year-old lecturer so as to appear on the graduation list.
In an exclusive interview with a local media today afternoon, Rue said that for the four years, her work was partying, drinking alcohol and illegal drugs.
She never stepped in the university and doesn’t even know the direction to Strathmore University.
The week before her graduation, she got extremely scared that her mother Akothee who is very strict would kill her if she discovered her nasty behaviour and that she had been eating school fees all through.
Rue approached an 80 year old lecturer who is the dean and seduced him.
At the time, she was a virgin and the penetration was very painful. The lecturer confessed that she was the sweetest thing he has ever tasted and put her name on the graduation list immediately.
The lecturer also promised to create fake transcripts for her.


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